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Bluetooth GPS not working – MacOS Monterey +

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BlueTooth GPS devices pair to Mac but fail to send NMEA data to MacENCx64.

Versions Affected: ALL


Formerly configured and working bluetooth GPS stops working upon upgrade to macOS 12.x (Monterey).

Newly purchased bluetooth GPS will pair but show as Headphones and no serial port is created for transmission to MacENCx64.

Problem is reported since MacOS Monterey and exists in all after. Prior versions do not have this problem. (may have been an issue in Big Sur, but no data to prove this).

Verified NOT A PROBLEM in Catalina and earlier macOS versions. 


The device pairs properly and shows as connected but with a headphone icon.

Launching MacENCx64 and attempting to connect to GPS in the Port option, there are listing for the device in some instances and not in others.

Regardless of port selection option or not, the port does not transmit data at any rate (should be capable of highest rate).


Use a supported USB GPS.  



Tested hardware with alternatives:
 See Table at Bottom. 
 Severity: 2

Status Notes:

Not a MacENCx64 defect. Problem is Apple macOS compatibility for SPP (Serial Port Profile) on BlueTooth interface. Was working before and now stopped.

Best work around is USB systems listed in compatibility chart or connect to vessel GPS over NMEA network instead.

Compatible Alternatives



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*Best (long cable, good antenna, suction cup alternative to magnet mount)


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