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[Fixed v9.2.0] New M1 Mac won’t open MacENCx64

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Can't open because... not supported on this Mac

Version effected: 9.0.1


Intel identified version installed on M1 Mac with production macOS Big Sur 11.0.1


MacOS identifies MacENCx64 properly as (intel)

Some machines show a white “not” symbol (circle with slash) over icon.

Regardless of icon symptom or not, attempt to run fails. 

macOS reports not supported.

Rosetta II verified installed on these Macs but still will not run.

App WORKS on Apple Developer Transition Kit Beta Mac Mini A14 Bionic and Big Sur beta 3. 



Severity: 1
Status Notes:

2021-03-02: Universal Binary Delivered v9.2.0

— Prior status

We are aware of the problem. This was working in the macOS beta’s but not in GA release since 11.01. It is still broken in 11.1.

We have a ticket opened with Apple but are simultaneously pursuing a native Universal build.

Fastest path to resolution is Universal App compile.

We have one component supplier left to deliver an updated library.

We are close to releasing a Universal App. Please stand by.

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