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[Deprecated v9.2.0] Actisense NGT-1 shows Invalid fix GPS

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NMEA 2000 pgns not getting through

Version effected: 9.0.1


GPS set to: Actisense NGT-1

Port rate set to: 115,200


No LAT/LON data, Fix reports Invalid-3D

COG, SOG, UTC data flow properly

Instrument data flow properly.



Severity: 1
Status Notes:

Problem resolution halted. Needing vendor code in our application is a problem for troubleshooting. macOS Big Sur no longer supports the FTDI driver used by this device. Long term strategy is to move away from tethered connections in favor of WiFi and TCP/IP. Check out our Gear Shop tab and the MacENC help “Connections Overview” for tested compatible hardware.

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