Dev Update – 2020-11-22: Beta Test Wrapping General Release almost ready!

Beta Test well under way

Our testers are busy beating up MacENCx64, putting her through the paces.

So far so good and we are on track for release on November 30th.  

Apple code sign and notarization complete

We’ve got our code through the Apple code signing and notarization process. This is big news. It makes sure our code is clean and Apple certified so it will install easily and safely.

Setup of our Knowledge Base

We updated the MacENC help documentation in the app but felt there was room for more detailed how-to. So we are launching (and furiously editing) our new Knowledge Base page to help with key topics like: How to use charts with MacENCx64 or how to use the new Chart Download manager feature. Over time we will add detailed “how to” feature documents giving everyone a better education on how to use the app.

Cyber Monday Discount Campaign

Turns out our planned release date is also Cyber Monday. We’ll be offering a back to market discount on all new  sales starting Monday November 30 and running for the entire “cyber week.” Coupon code will be published on the site the day of go live.

Till next time…

Happy Sailing!

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