Dev Update – 2020-10-17: Beta Test Coming!

Feature wrap up and prep for Beta test

We are fast approaching our target release date and it’s time close out the feature list and prepare to start Beta testing. Here is the status since last update:

  • Rip out old license activation scheme and replace with new SDK for our new license control partner – Done!
  • Navionics SDK recompile to 64bit – HOLD (more on this below).
  • Better waypoint-route assignment function – Done!
  • New Chart Manager feature “show” on or off – Done!

We made solid progress since September and had one setback. All together a decent effort and we are nearly out of Alpha phase and preparing for Beta Test. 

License Key SDK

The new license key function is done and a big improvement over the original. The old way was a time based key (3 days to live) that you had to get and activate right away or it would stop working and a new key would need to be requested and sent. We now have a standard long key code that is permanent and issued directly to the user. It also supports node locking and transfer (such as when you upgrade your mac and migrate your software). 

New Waypoint function

The new waypoint function provides a new default setting. In waypoint move mode, double click on a chart location creates new waypoint and adds it directly to the active route. In screen grab mode, you can also control click and do same in option menu: New -> Waypoint (in Route) is the first option in the list now.  

Chart Manager show on/off feature

The new Chart Manager feature lets you install multiple charts but then only turn on or off just those you want to work with and display. This improves performance by not loading extra charts into runtime memory.  Before, you would have to remove chart folders and catalogs you weren’t directly working with then add them back when you wanted them. With the new Download Manager, adding charts and updating them is so much simpler that it becomes inconvenient to remove and add back in chart manager. So now you can just turn them on or off similar to the show checkbox in waypoints. 

Navionics support delayed until later release

We sadly hit a snag with Navionics. The original MacENC used an old Navionics SDK which is no longer published. We’ve been negotiating with Navionics in the hopes of obtaining the old source so that we could recompile to 64 bit. We’re informed their tech folks don’t have access to the old code any longer so the fastest path isn’t available to us. 

We’re exploring alternatives but those will not make our delivery date. I’m committed to our November 30th release date and have decided to go to market as planned. We are still working to solve the Navionics challenge and will add it in an upgrade release when it’s ready. 

 Prepping for Beta

We have our Jira support desk set up for beta. I’ll be documenting our test work flow instructions and reaching out to our test volunteers in the next couple weeks. 

Till next time…

Happy Sailing!


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