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Why won’t my old Navionics charts work?

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MacENCx64 can't see my old Navionics Charts

The old Navionics charts from Fugawi (x-traverse) won’t work in the new MacENCx64. Fugawi went out of business and the special activation software they provided is gone with them. There is no way to re-activate the old charts for the new app.

Navionics directly no longer supports macOS for their proprietary chart format code library. We pulled it out of MacENCx64 because of that (it was 32bit).

What are the alternatives?


For the moment our best option is through ChartWorld.

They have Navionics (data) formatted in S-57/S-63 encrypted charts (I’m using them now as replacement for my original Navionics.)
They also have C-MAP and their own charts also in the same format.

Check out the KB article that helps explain how to set up your ChartWorld account with MacENCx64. Here is a link:

Free charts

Charts from within the free catalog in Download Manager. Details on how to get those are in MacENC Help (see Help -> MacENC Help, then the section “Managing Charts Overview”)

Other chart providers (see our Chart page)


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